Put your interior and yourself

always in the most positive (day)light.

Let your interior fully come into its own. Living comfortably and
letting your interior shine, with a well-thought-out lighting plan by Studio 1207.

The importance of light

The right lighting ensures your interior comes fully into its own. Light determines the atmosphere and adds to your home’s rhythm and comfort. With a well-thought-out lighting plan, you create the perfect balance between mood and functional light.

A lighting plan goes beyond placing luminaires. I look at the different spaces, their functionalities, technical possibilities and the natural light.

According to your personal desires and the budget, an appropriate lighting plan will be custom designed.

A lighting advice consult consists of:

Intake on location

On location we’ll discuss your desires, mood and functional demands, lifestyle, rhythm and your budget.

We’ll look at the rooms together to understand the natural light and technical possibilities.

The lighting plan

After we’ve discussed your desires and looked at the room, I will create a lighting plan.

On a ground map, I’ll plan different kinds of light in distinct locations and draw in the kind of luminaires.

The final design

After reviewing the lighting plan, we’ll discuss your favourite options. After you’ve made your choice, I’ll get working on the final design.

The design consists of a ground plan with light sources and luminaires, a mood collage and mood board

A lighting advice consult costs:

An extensive lighting advice consult from Studio 1207 costs € 300,00 per room, including VAT and excluding travel expenses.
Do you want lighting advice for multiple rooms? I’d like to make an appropriate proposal.

Let your interior fully come into its own, with the right lighting.
Live as you are. Live with character.