Set the right ‘tone’ with colours that fit

character and lifestyle

Feel good and heighten the mood. Bring warmth, rest and dynamics into
your interior, with the refreshing ideas and professional help of Studio 1207.

The importance of colour

Colours liven up your interior, make a room look bigger or smaller and have a big influence on your state of mind.

Colours set the ‘tone’ in your house, heighten the mood and give character to your interior.

Choosing the right palette is very important when creating your interior. Give your life the right colour, with the professional colour advice of Studio 1207.

Colour advice consults include:

Intake on location

During the intake on location, we discuss your desires, taste, lifestyle, rhythm and the wanted effect of the colours.

Together we look at the natural light incidence and the different rooms.

The mood board

After we have viewed your house and discussed all your desires, I make a mood board with the colour presentation.

The final design

Together we look at the mood board and discuss the colour presentation.
You indicate what you like best, after which I process your choices into a final design.

A colour advice consult costs:

A colour advice consult by Studio 1207 costs € 180,00 per room, including VAT and excluding travel expenses.
Do you want advice for several rooms? I’d like to make a fitting proposal.

Set the right ‘tone’ in three simple steps
Live as you are. Live with character.